Metropolitan State University of Denver BFA Thesis Exhibition Spring 2018
to May 11

Metropolitan State University of Denver BFA Thesis Exhibition Spring 2018

Idiosyncratic Kaleidoscope is my Senior Thesis Exhibition.

Idiosyncratic Kaleidoscope

“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.”

-       Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

“Idiosyncratic Kaleidoscope” explores the space within the imaginative unconscious transforming it into the conscious through the use of Feminine Spirits. Inspired by the Goddess archetype in the Collective Unconscious, proposed by Carl Gustav Jung, Feminine Spirits represent different aspects of identity and personality creating a coherent idea of Self through mythological narrative. Just as the body is incomplete without all of its moving parts, the Self is not complete, without all aspects of Feminine Spirit.  Embodying a disjointed concept of reality, they animate as sub/post-human monsters creating harmonization of both abject and sublimity, conveying a futuristic totality of womanhood. They exist within the Outside/Inside, a physical representation of the unconscious being placed in conscious awareness and self-evaluation.

A creation of mythology through the Feminine Spirit lens accomplishes a lucid perception of the self. Each “drawing” illustrates ritualistic methodologies, in combination with subjective experiences, and collective societal experiences to provide clarity between life and consciousness. Joseph Campbell explains that mythology is the song of the universe and the very experience of being alive, and the contribution to mythological narrative is based on the way life is lived. Self-evaluation of identity through Spirits examines everyday life formulating its mythology while mirroring the ego. It is a direct representation of identity pertaining to Self as well as the relationship between self and society. Conceiving Self as a subject in relation to the world, mythology serves as acknowledgement of precognitive autonomic bodily responses directly below the threshold of consciousness. Acting as a vehicle to affect and to be affected to further collapse the distance between Self and others. Craft materials reflect the work to an earlier wave of feminism through the embrace of tradition, reminiscent of the freeing behavior of childhood creation.

The Outside/Inside serves as an optimistic recognition of a metanarrative, connecting universal truth shared between humanity to better discern Self as a cohesive unit made of idiosyncratic parts.

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