A PopSurrealism Coloring Book: The COOLEST Collaboration EVER


A PopSurrealism Coloring Book

Alexandra alongside a friend whom is a teacher in Denver, CO came up with an idea to engage local school age kids with local artists. The idea was to have the second grade class create work based on pop-surrealism, Alexandra’s work, and the use of their strange imagination. With the help of Alexandra the kids created the craziest works they could come up with, they were encouraged by their teacher to dig deep into their imagination and create something no one had ever seen. They then developed sketches of their ideas to create black and white versions of their work, which then were created to their full potential with lots of color, materials and creatures. Along side them Alexandra took their black and white coloring book pages and collaborated with them in creating more professional pages. These are both sides of the creation of “A PopSurrealism Coloring Book”. This was by far one of the most exciting collaborations Alexandra has been a part of.

Left: The Second Grade Class Drawing Right: Alexandra’s Rendition

Untitled_Artwork 4.jpg